Customizable Frozen Dishes

Customizable Frozen Dishes
Art & Design
May 2023

Kraft Heinz Company proudly presents its latest brand, HOMEBAKE 425?/:30. The new offering is set to revolutionize the concept of family dinner with its versatile collection of frozen entrees, side dishes, and vegetables. Utilizing innovative technology and a distinct cooking method, main courses, sides, and veggies can all be prepared simultaneously in a standard oven at 425 degrees for 30 minutes - an industry first.
Time-strapped parents can now select the evening's entree, side, and vegetable, place all three eco-friendly trays in the oven while retaining the film, and savor a simple, well-rounded family meal that appears and tastes like it was made from scratch in just half an hour.
HOMEBAKE 425?/:30 boasts over 500 potential menu combinations from 15 core products, including Chicken Parmesan, Southwest Style Chipotle Chicken, Pulled Pork with BBQ Sauce, Italian Style Cauliflower, Green Bean Casserole, Cheesy Broccoli, and Parmesan Crusted Potato Medley.
"With HOMEBAKE 425?/:30, we're giving consumers solutions to the pain points we all experience when cooking, and shattering the notion that there needs to be a tradeoff when it comes to quality, convenience, customization,
and crave-ability," said Alan Kleinerman, Vice President of Disruption, Kraft Heinz.